gavel End-User License Agreement and Restrictions of Use

The VESPA licensor grants its end-users a non-profit, educational, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license. The users agree to use VESPA according to the terms applying to the license type they ordered.

All rights not specifically granted in the agreement are reserved to the VESPA Licensor.


This is a license agreement between you (hereafter called “Licensee”) and the Université catholique de Louvain, Institut Langage et Communication (hereafter called “Licensor”) which gives Licensee certain limited rights to use the Product and its related material. All rights not specifically granted in this agreement are reserved to Licensor.

Article 1. Definitions

The Licensee belongs to an educational institution or college.
The Product refers to the web interface containing:

  • the VESPA database and search interface
  • related materials (such as user documentation, help files)

Article 2. Grant of licence

Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, who accepts, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to use the Product according to the terms of this agreement.

Grant of the Product license entitles Licensee to use the Product for non-profit educational and/or linguistic research purposes only. The license is individual (single access to the interface). Licensee is not entitled to transfer access to third parties.

Licensees agree not to lease, sell, or commercially exploit the results of their searches (such as texts, concordances, metadata).

If you wish to make another use of the Product than the use allowed under this agreement, you are requested to write to

Article 3. Copyright

The Product is owned by Licensor and is protected by Belgian copyright laws and applicable international and European treaties and conventions. Licensor retains all rights and titles in the Product, including copyright and other intellectual property rights.

Licensee acknowledges that s/he acquired only the right to use the Product under the terms and conditions of this agreement for so long as it is in effect and that s/he does not acquire any right of ownership or title in the Product. Licensee shall take all necessary steps to protect the intellectual property rights of Licensor.

Publications by Licensee may include short citations from the Product only in a way which should be permitted under the strict provision of copyright law. Such publications must give credit to Licensor.

Article 4. Limitation of Liability

The Product is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. Licensee agrees that use of it is at his sole risk. Licensor expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. Licensor does not warrant that the functions contained in the Product will meet the requirements of Licensee, or that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted, infallible or error-free. In no event will Licensor be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or special damages or losses whatsoever and however caused that would result from the use or inability to use the Product.

Article 5. Term and termination

This agreement shall be effective during the length of the license selected and will continue unless terminated as specified hereafter.

Licensor may immediately terminate the license upon written notice to Licensee, if Licensee fails to comply with any of the terms or conditions of this agreement. Upon termination of the license, access to the Product by Licensee shall be immediately discontinued and the license and rights granted hereunder shall expire.

Article 6. Waiver

Failure or neglect by Licensor to enforce at any time any of the provisions hereof shall not be construed to be a waiver of Licensor’s rights hereof nor in any way prejudice his rights to take subsequent action.

Article 7. Severability

If any of the terms, conditions or provisions contained in this agreement shall be determined invalid by a competent jurisdiction, it shall be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which shall continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Article 8. Governing law

This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the European law (GDPR) and the Belgian law (law of 30 July 2018). In the event of a dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement and which cannot be settled in an amicable way, it will be submitted to the Courts of Brussels, Belgium.