title PLECI
subtitle Poitiers-Louvain Echange de Corpus Informatisés
creator(s) CECL - S. Granger, Poitiers - H. Chuquet
research center(s) Centre for English Corpus Linguistics
short description English-French bidirectional translation corpus.
description The Poitiers-Louvain Échange de Corpus Informatisés project is being undertaken in conjunction with the Université de Poitiers and aims to collect a large bidirectional English-French translation corpus. It includes literary prose and newspaper articles. The corpus contains c. 800,000 words of English texts translated into French and c. 1,300,000 words of French texts translated into English.
type(s) written
language(s) English, French
format(s) Text file (.txt)
corpus size 4 million words
date 1998
contributor(s) Université de Poitiers
description languages English
contact Sylviane Granger <>