subtitle Louvain Corpus of Native English Essays
creator(s) Centre for English Corpus Linguistics
research center(s) Centre for English Corpus Linguistics
short description Corpus of essays written by native English students (British and American).
description LOCNESS is a corpus of native English essays made up of:
  • British pupils' A level essays: 60,209 words;
  • British university students essays: 95,695 words;
  • American university students' essays: 168,400 words.
Total number of words: 324,304 words.
type(s) written
language(s) English
format(s) Text file (.txt)
corpus size 324 304 words
date 2005
keywords essay, novice, English writing, argumentative
distribution format(s) Web download
description languages English
contact Sylviane Granger <sylviane.granger@uclouvain.be>