title VESPA
subtitle The Varieties of English for Specific Purposes dAtabase (VESPA) learner corpus
creator(s) Magali Paquot
research center(s) Centre for English Corpus Linguistics
description The aim of the VESPA learner corpus project is to build a large collection of disciplinary writing by L2 English university students across registers, disciplines and degrees of writer expertise. In its first release, VESPA consists of 941 texts written by university students (mainly with Dutch, French, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish L1) in linguistic, literature, and business communication courses. The majority of the texts are reports and research papers but the corpus also contains critiques/evaluations, proposals and response papers.
type(s) written
language(s) English
format(s) Text file (.txt), Extensible Markup Language (.xml)
date 2022
keywords learner corpus, English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
contributor(s) See list of partners
contact Magali Paquot <>
corpus reference

Paquot, M., Larsson, T., Hasselgård, H., Ebeling, S. O., De Meyere, D., Valentin, L., Laso, N. J., Verdaguer, I., & van Vuuren, S. (2022). The Varieties of English for Specific Purposes dAtabase (VESPA): Towards a multi-L1 and multi-register learner corpus of disciplinary writing. Research in Corpus Linguistics, 10(2), 1-15.